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About this performance.

July 20th 17:00-17:40 at Trinity Laban studio theater Graduation show case "Delicate balance" (40min)

Bodily Equilibrium, Interaction, and Spatial Harmony in a Space with Digital Interactive Systems and Contact Improvisation


My creative practice of Practice as Research is, delving into the development of ideas by immersing myself in the experiential realm of my self-developed interactive system from a somatic and phenomenological perspective. Through the integration of contact improvisation, I strive to uncover fresh insights and understandings.

The interactive system, leveraging the iPhone as a sensor, captures the device's tilt, enabling the generation of real-time sound and graphics that bring about a transformative ambiance within the indoor environment. This interactive system evokes the essential concepts of liminal quality and delicate balance in my research. And such balance consciously and unconsciously challenges my own sensibilities and perceptions. It prompts inquiries about a delicate balance within the liminal space of a binary sense that transcends between 0 and 1. In the showcase, I curate four distinct environments: solo performance, solo performance with the interactive system, contact improvisation, and contact improvisation with the interactive system. These configurations embody the interplay of bodily movements and interactions that unfold within the spatial context.

Dance/System/Direction: Kohei Nakatsu

Created and performed with: Attila Andrási

Collaborators: Weronika Orzełek

                         Sven Blazyca

                         Marc Stevenson

                         Phoenix Tanner

Supervisor: Dr. Rebecca Stancliffe

Dramaturg: Joanna Rosenfeld

Advisor: Kou Yamamoto

Special thanks to: 

         Mioka Sato
         Sheldon Ridge

         Katarina Rosenfeld

         Tomoko Okada

         Azusa Momoki

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